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FreeForm Technology

FreeForm Lens Technology enables optical solutions with higher resolution, wider field-of-view, lower aberrations, and low light performance not possible with traditional optics, all in a smaller form factor


Free form surface is a surface that has no circular symmetry

exclusion is Z free form surface which is formed by drawing a complex curve through a series of points in the YZ plane and then sweeping this curve around the Z axis

Z freeform.png

spherical shape

rhaerhs.png, spherical lens

aspherical shape

aspheric-lenses3.jpg, aspherical lenses

rotationally symmetrical lenses


free form shape

13_web_auto_v2.jpg, freeform lens

lens with no axis of symmetry

Free form lenses have a complex asymmetrical surface, which can help to design smaller, lighter optical systems that let more light pass, have less distortion and fewer aberrations

spherical lens photo.png

spherical lens

aspherical lens photo.png

aspherical lens

freeform lens photo.png

free form lens

Field-of-View Crop Factor

sensor old.png

Old Sensor Crop Factor

sensor new.png

New Sensor Crop Factor

Копия untitled14.png, small scene

Smaller Scene

Picture4 (4).png, small image

Smaller Scene

Копия untitled15_orig.png, large scene

Larger Scene

Picture8.png, larger image

Larger Scene

FreeForm Lenses offer wide field of view without image deformation

Копия untitled13_orig.png, rotationally symmetric lens image

Conventional Optics

Competitor surveillance camera.png

Classical Optics Surveillance Camera
115°, > 10% distortion

Копия untitled15_orig.png, freeform lens image

FreeForm Optics

DynaOptics WALA Cam.png

​DynaOptics Wide-Angle Low-Aberration Cam
120°, <5% distortion

Lens Production

Same Manufacturing Cost

  • Free-form Optics is made using the same equipment as Classical Optics

No additional equipment required

  • Manufacturing is equivalent to installed base – no new equipment

1903x600-img_8465.jpg, diamond cutting machine

3-axis diamond cutting machine

uVo software screen.png, freeform manufacturing software

uVo manufacturing software screen

DynaOptics Alvarez Zoom Lens

lateral movement of elements, perpendicular to the optical axis

0916-dyna_500.jpg, alvarez lens

Alvarez lens manufactured using plastic molding technology

Prototype-of-Alvarez-optical-zoom-module-with-cover-removed-As-shown-in-Fig8-is-the.png, alvarez lens protoype

DynaOptics Alvarez Zoom lens prototype 

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