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Custom Optical Designs

Order a design according to your needs

  • We develop high-performance, high-yield imaging and illumination optical designs for niche and emerging industrial applications such as machine vision, leveraging our extensive Zemax macro library and years of experience in the industry

  • Our manufacturing partners promise streamlined manufacturing and delivery of the final products

Optical design
Freefom Design

FreeForm Optical Design

Consider the possibilities of freeform design

  • We develop FreeForm optical designs to meet manufacturing specifications, perform final tolerance and flare analysis to ensure manufacturability

  • Freeform lenses allow high resolution, high-zoom, low distortion, and low light capable lenses in a very tiny form factor, which is valuable to many industries such as mobile phone cameras or self-driving auto


FreeForm Lens Manufacturing

Order production support to minimize manufacturing error

  • With our uVo software, we support Free-form lens production using standard 3-axis CNC diamond-turning technology

  • Based on our experience, the manufacturing of freeform elements and the production cost of such lenses are almost the same as with conventional rotationally symmetric lenses.

Lens Manufacturing


Five Day Course Outline

Day 1
Free-form optics basis and its application to optics

• Historical survey of free-form surfaces and lens • Formulas on free-form surface – xy polynomial, Zernike polynomial, and more • Simulation with Zemax – tutorial • Applications overview ​○ From imaging to illumination ○ Laser applications ​ ○ Grating/spectrometer applications

Day 2
Applications of free-from to a mobile camera lens, projection, illumination, and grating

I. Application to mobile camera lens • Background of mobile phone • The use of free-form lens • Example illustration with Zemax II. Application to projection • Background of projection • The use of free-form lens • Example illustration with Zemax III. Application to illumination • Background of illumination • The use of free-form to illumination • Example illustration of Zemax IV. Application to grating • Background of grating and spectrometer • The use of free-form to spectrometer • Example illustration of Zemax

Day 3
Measurement of free-from surface and its correction

• How to measure free-form surface • Available measurement equipment ​○ Capability and limitation • How to do correction and compensation • Tooling machines ​​ ○ Capability, feasibility and limitation • NC codes introduction

Day 4
uVo software – How to operate

• Background of software • Demo 1 – aspheric surface with flange ​ ○ Background ○ Work check list • Exercise 1 + Q&A • Demo 2 – free-form lens ​​ ○ Background ​ ○ ​Work check list • Exercise 2 + Q&A ​

Day 5
Assembly with free-form, imaging quality characterization, and trouble shooting

• Real example 1 – hands-on exercise 1 ​ ○ ​Background ​ ○ Tool/fixture introduction ​ ○ Work check list ​ ○ Assembly and test ​ ○ Quality assurance ​ ○ Q&A • Real example 2 – hands-on exercise 2 ​ ○ ​Background ​ ○ Tool/fixture introduction ​ ○ Work check list ​ ○ Assembly and test ​ ○ Quality assurance ​ ○ Q&A

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