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FreeForm Optics Offers Wide Field-of-View for Time-of-Flight Cameras & Hybrid Stereoscopic Zoom

3D Sensing Time-of-Flight Cameras

for Autonomous Vehicles

Picture4 (4).png

Classical Optics 3D Sensing Camera with Standard Field-of-View


FreeForm Optics 3D Sensing with 120-degree Field-Of-View

3D sensing cameras utilized in Autonomous Vehicle industry

Additional industries include machine vision & site management and planning




Illumination Optics for Laser Source

  • Wide-angle projection range with specific aspect ratio

  • Low distortion

  • High-uniformity of source light density

  • Sharp cut-off

ToF Camera Lens

  • Low F/# (F/0.7 is available)

  • Short TTL (upon customer request)

  • Wide-angle field of view

    • Or, with very low distortion in a wide-angle field of view lens

  • High RI (over the range), e.g.,

    • RI > 80%@0.8F

    • RI > 50%@1.0F​


High Temp specialty plastics will qualify for automotive use

Improves safety decisions by providing additional spatial information

Better low-light performance, reduced color aberration, and wider fields of view with low distortion.

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