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Mobile Handset

Mobile handset imaging drives the market and enables the ecosystem of social media

FreeForm Technology Enables Thinner Camera Modules for Handhelds vs. Traditional Optics

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FreeForm lens modules achieve a lower Total Track Length and enable a larger Maximum Image Circle compared to traditional lens technology

FreeForm lenses are manufacturing equivalent to existing injected molded plastic lenses, but can perform superior optical output compared to existing lens technology


To enable increasing resolutions and imaging capability for the mobile handset, traditional optical solutions must extend the lens assembly beyond the body of the handset.

This constraint becomes more critical with growing resolution trends

Solutions to Enable Increasing Optical Performance Use Multiple Lens Assemblies or Complex Optical Paths


Next Gen Traditional Solution


Next Gen Traditional Solution

FreeForm optics enable high resolution, large image circle, wide-angle with low aberration optical solutions in a small and thin form factor simply not possible with traditional optical solutions

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Current FreeForm Solution

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