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Manufacturing Software

DynaOptis has developed its own uVo manufacturing software that fully supports FreeForm lens manufacturing on standard diamond-turning machines

Manufacturing Workflow

Manufacturing Workflow.png

Surface Error Analysis in uVo

Surface Error Analysis in uVo.png

This module allows analysis of measurement data insert/lens and calculation of manufacturing error. uVo can read 3D (X Y Z) measured data from different measurement machines. Measurement data can be automatically aligned by uVo.

NC Code Generation in uVo

NC Code Generation in uVo.png

This module allows the generation of exact instructions for diamond-turning machines. It takes into account shrinkage, tool size and form, target error, and other manufacturing parameters.

Manufacturing Error Compensation in uVo

Manufacturing Error Compensation in uVo.png

“Compensate Insert” module allows the creation of an equation of the compensated for manufacturing error insert. This feature allows being able to control of the precision of the compensated insert manufacturing.

Fitting Data Into Equation

Fitting Data into equation.png

uVo allows fitting almost any data into an equation. For example measurement, data can be fit into an equation and this equation is to be loaded into the optical design software in order to see the manufacturing error impact on the optical design specs.

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