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Alvarez Zoom

The basis of DynaOptics' FreeForm Lens Technology

Alvarez Zoom Lens

Using Alvarez FreeForm lenses to accomplish optical zoom,  lenses move perpendicular to the optical axis on a micrometer scale

Freeform Alvarez Zoom3.png

Continuous Zoom

Freeform Alvarez Zoom4.png
Freeform Alvarez Zoom1.png

Discrete Zoom

This is in contrast to lenses in traditional zoom systems that move parallel to the optical axis on a millimeter scale, resulting in a big protruding lens, or using multiple cameras to achieve discrete zoom.

Today’s phones require multiple cameras to achieve “zoom”. This results in a more complex imaging architecture takes up more phone real estate and accomplishes only discrete zoom (currently at 0.5x, 1x, and 2x)

A single Alvarez camera module could replace these multiple cameras, and additionally introduce continuous zoom a superior customer experience. Additionally, Alvarez zoom could be used to achieve much higher zoom factors, e.g. 5x and 10X, and could be paired with a second camera at 1X magnification to deliver a superior zoom experience

Freeform Alvarez Zoom2.png

Conventional optics

FreeForm optics



Luis Walter Alvarez (June 13, 1911 – September 1, 1988) was an American experimental physicist, inventor, and professor.

He was also a 1968 Nobel Prize laureate in Physics.


Variable power lens without undue distortion had been widely perceived as highly desirable and extensively applicable but despite prior art workers’ failure, Alvarez had managed to come up with a variable-power lens and system.


His patent (US3507565A 21.04.1970) has long since expired but DynaOptics has carried on his torch with our free-form lens technology.

How They Work

How They Work


Free-form lenses perfectly aligned, and then displace

DynaOptics Alvarez Zoom Lens

lateral movement of elements, perpendicular to the optical axis

0916-dyna_500.jpg, alvarez lens protoype

Alvarez lens manufactured using plastic molding technology

Prototype-of-Alvarez-optical-zoom-module-with-cover-removed-As-shown-in-Fig8-is-the.png, alvarez lens protoype

DynaOptics Alvarez Zoom lens prototype 

A slim lens that could one day be applied to every smart phone

9785774-1_orig.png, conventional vs alvarez lenses
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